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Too old or unfit to play football, think again!

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Walking Football is a relaxed-paced version of the beautiful game designed to help people keep an active lifestyle despite their age, as well as getting those back playing football who had to stop due to injuries. Our sessions are aimed at (but not limited to) 'Over 50' men (and women are welcome too!)


We are an independent, informal, friendly and welcoming group. None of us had met before coming along to try walking football, and we have varying fitness levels, football skills and come in all shapes & sizes! We all love playing football just for fun each week, with the added benefit of gaining fitness and losing some weight.

As the name suggests, Walking Football is non-contact and anyone that sprints, runs or jogs while the ball is in play will be penalised with a free-kick awarded to the other team.


The game is played at Surrey Sports Park on a high quality six-a-side 3G football pitch, with the game restarted via a kick, roll or throw-in.


Plenty of breaks for stretching and water occur and a full medical screening process is advised. Trainers, astro-turf boots or small moulded boots should be worn. No studs or blades.

To try walking football, just come along and join in!


Wednesdays 10am to 11am at Surrey Sports Park

  • New Players: First Session Free

  • Pay per session: £2 per week

  • Pay per season: £40 for 28 weeks


We are an independent group, so please ask at Surrey Sports Park Reception for directions to Pitch located near Starbucks within Surrey Sports Park.

Subs are paid on the pitch.


For more information:

John Lille: 07872 640692


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